Sepsis & Shamelessness with Sandra Hermann-Courtney

This is  not a “ho-ho-ho, let’s have a good laugh at the expense of some starry-eyed idiots” post. It’s a “these bastards make me really fucking angry” post. Sepsis is a nasty thing to get, and can very easily become a nasty way to die. A large number of sepsis deaths can be prevented if people know the signs to watch for. If you’ve been following the trends on social media recently, you may have spotted a huge flurry of activity, especially around the #sepsis hashtag on Twitter. Unfortunately so did the resident homeopathy trolls, notably Sandra Hermann-Courtney. We’ve already encountered the despicable SHC in such gems as: The homeopath who cried “Block and report” Fighting for Fuckwittery: Enemies of Homeopathy WTF Special: How to choose a homeopath Hermann-Courtney: Help! Help! We’re being oppressed by people asking for evidence! … to list but a few. Up to now, she had … Continue reading

Can we go back and change the past? asks Lynne McTaggart

The Egregious Lynne, Saint and Martyr, is at it again. There are times when you wonder if the woman isn’t knowingly pushing bullshit for profit, à la Food Babe, then she brainfarts out something as dumbfuck Stoopid as this: Can we go back and change the past? One of the most basic assumptions about intention is that it operates according to a generally accepted sense of cause and effect: if A causes B, then A must have happened first. This assumption reflects one of our deepest beliefs, that time is a one-way, forward-moving arrow. What we do today cannot affect what happened yesterday. However, a sizeable body of the scientific evidence about intention violates these basic assumptions about causation. Research has demonstrated clear instances of time-reversed effects, where effect precedes cause. Indeed, some of the largest effects occur when intention is sent out of strict time sequence… There’s loads more … Continue reading

Homeopathic A&E? They would if they could

In the outer reaches of the whackosphere, you can always be sure of finding a homeopath making insane claims for their little sugar pills, from curing imaginary ailments to treatments for very real ones. In spite of professing reverence for Hahnemann – it’s bad enough if you’re trying to claim scientific rigour if you treat texts written in the late 18th century as gospel – they nevertheless ignore his teachings that homeopathy should never be used as prophylaxis. Nor, as far as I can tell, did he advise using homeopathy to treat injuries. Nevertheless, like the fanatics who claim the right to refuse goods and services to beleaguered minorities in the name of Christianity, homeopathic “vaccines” and first aid kits are on sale everywhere. No links, the damn stuff is easy enough to find; just check out the usual suspects. You’ll almost certainly remember a Mitchell and Webb sketch called … Continue reading

Beth Landau-Halpern: Coming Out – as a homeopath

There’s offensive and then there’s offensive. It’s unpleasant enough that homeopaths such as Landau-Halpern take others for idiots, pushing their ridiculous and pointless nostrums for all kinds of malaise, real or imagined. It’s downright out of fucking order that she should try to hijack the problems of a minority group in an attempt to portray herself as a martyr and hero. Witness this raging brainshite: This blog is my “coming out” statement – my coming out of hibernation, where I retreated for safety after a long year of being pilloried for being a homeopath, talking about homeopathy, being involved in research in homeopathy, and teaching about non-conventional paradigms of medicine. My antagonists were a small, but vocal and nasty minority from print media, social media, and the scientific community. You might be tempted to a tiny feeling of pity for her. Don’t give in to it. This is not some … Continue reading

ZOMG drama! Rand Paul under attack!

I think Eugene Fear-the-Peen has been selling his illegal email spam lists again. Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting increasingly dramatic begging letters from some frantic lunatic calling himself Rand Paul. Rand Paul, Rand Paul. I’ve heard that name before. Ah, yes, he’s a Tea Party whackjob who, on top of being linked to the extreme anti-gay hate squad (inferred from his use of the same mailing list): has described taxation as slavery and wants to sue the Treasury and IRS for passing tax-evasion measures; was involved in the moronic shutdown of 2013, which he doesn’t regret because he hates Obamacare; wants pilots to be armed (just let the idea of someone firing a gun in a pressurised cabin sink in); is anti gun control no matter how many people are massacred; unsurprisingly, also has ties with white supremacists; appears to want the abolition of marriage (because the … Continue reading

Fran Sheffield on Homeopathy and Autism

Notorious woomeister Fran Sheffield, caught lying blatantly and unrepentantly by the Aussie authorities and rightfully nicked for it, runs the Homeopathy Plus webshite with her equally deluded husband. He claims his wife’s sugar pills saved his life “more than once” and continue to do so. He provides no evidence for this remarkable and highly improbable assertion. The whole family appears to have bought, or been brainwashed, into the homeopathy cult, which they relentlessly push and profit from. Sheffield is also thick as thieves with the Australian (anti)Vaccination Network, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Almost amusingly, she objects to all these wishy-washy “we’re not anti-vaccine, we’re pro-choice” mouthings and has urged anti-vaxxers to wear the label with pride. She has been seen calling for (usually homeopathic) alternatives to vaccines, which shows how pathetic her grasp of immunisation is, in spite of her claim to have nursing training1. You either … Continue reading

RCVS: a hotbed of quackery?

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is kind of a big deal in the UK. If they don’t like you, you don’t get to practise veterinary medicine. Here’s the blurb on the official website: The role of the RCVS We aim to enhance society through improved animal health and welfare. We do this by setting, upholding and advancing the educational, ethical and clinical standards of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. Activities As a statutory regulator we are responsible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 for keeping the register of veterinary surgeons eligible to practise in the UK, setting standards for veterinary education and regulating the professional conduct of veterinary surgeons. All very laudable and ethical-sounding. So, you’d expect vets who engage in dodgy activities that are condemned as quackery by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate since at least 2010 to be persona non grata? You’d expect wrong. Step forward Mark Elliott, … Continue reading

Homeopathy Awareness Week special: Proving of Helium

This has not been a good week, what with shrill antivax activists posting and reposting their stupidity and lies everywhere, in order to game search engine results; white supremacists going on yet another shooting spree; the UK Government defending Saudi Arabia’s ISIS-like barbarity; and homeopathy touts being more than usually active because they’ve dubbed this “Homeopathy Awareness Week”. OK, so be aware: homeopathy is unscientific bollocks. We’ve been over this ground more times than I care to remember. What never fails to fascinate, however, is the stellar out-to-lunchness of their “research” and the poker-faced claims made for it. Fascinating in the same way as those really fucking terrible made-for-TV films that even third-rate channels won’t touch with a bargepole, that is. One such example is this proving of helium. Homeopathic proving, you will recall, has nothing to do with either proof or evidence. It is an exercise in mental masturbation … Continue reading

Homeopathy – Unsafe Bullshit

Today’s post will not be the painstaking deconstruction and conscientious mockery of untrue, misleading or absurd claims on a website. Today is Expose a Quack Day. Connoisseurs of cackling stupidity, deliberate misinformation and malevolent profiteering are doubtless well acquainted with the name of Steve Scrutton. Scrutton is and English homeopath and one of the more extreme cases of rabid fuckwittery currently roaming the wilder areas of Internet. Puerile as it may seem, he’s been nicknamed “Scrotum” because he talks nothing but bollocks. Witness the following recent pronouncements on Twitter: Depression? Don't rely on conventional drug treatment, try Homeopathy. Read why here. — Steve Scrutton (@stevescrutton) May 28, 2015 Yes, this dick would have people refuse potentially lifesaving medication in favour of his sugar pills. The vaccine racket. Read how we are persuaded vaccination is good for us. @r4today @AJStream Note role of media — Steve Scrutton (@stevescrutton) May … Continue reading

Avoid pink Himalayan salt if on a WTF-free diet

There are days when you wonder if there isn’t a god after all. Possibly one with a Lokiesque sense of humour, though. This remarkable specimen of extreme out-to-lunchism was recently brought to my attention. It’s not so much facepalm stuff as pure and unadulterated facewall. Ladies, gentlemen and others, I present to you: the Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co. They sell salt, in case this was not immediately obvious. They also make some quite impressive claims for its health benefits. Well, we all need some salt, aka sodium chloride (NaCl), but you shouldn’t get carried away. All sorts of health problems of the cardiovascular variety are available for those who do. WTFometers at the ready? Here we go: “Why indeed?” you may ask, since like the vast majority of the human race you have probably survived many years without this essential dietary ingredient. I think that merits +1 WTF point … Continue reading