Avoid pink Himalayan salt if on a WTF-free diet

There are days when you wonder if there isn’t a god after all. Possibly one with a Lokiesque sense of humour, though. This remarkable specimen of extreme out-to-lunchism was recently brought to my attention. It’s not so much facepalm stuff as pure and unadulterated facewall. Ladies, gentlemen and others, I present to you: the Byron Bay Healthy Salt Co. They sell salt, in case this was not immediately obvious. They also make some quite impressive claims for its health benefits. Well, we all need some salt, aka sodium chloride (NaCl), but you shouldn’t get carried away. All sorts of health problems of the cardiovascular variety are available for those who do. WTFometers at the ready? Here we go: “Why indeed?” you may ask, since like the vast majority of the human race you have probably survived many years without this essential dietary ingredient. I think that merits +1 WTF point … Continue reading

Lynne McTaggart, false martyr and bully

Others have already thoroughly kicked the arse out of the latest venom-soaked post by Lynne McTaggart, both the original and revamped-for-extra-nastiness versions (see WWDDTYDTY links below for details). So I won’t spend all night ripping the rant apart, despicable though it be. Despicable even by McTaggart’s usual level of self-pity laced with self-glorifying nastiness, which is quite the achievement. No, I’ll just settle for pointing out in as many words that what she’s doing is projecting. People disagree with her? She deletes all comments and bans them from her blog and Facebook pages, and blocks them on Twitter. But ask a newsagent not to carry her foul, anti-science rag chock full of misleading advertisements for useless or even dangerous “therapies” and it’s her FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK!!! Except it’s not free speech when you’re running a business; as Guy Chapman points out on WWDDTYDTY, it’s commercial and subject to such … Continue reading

Irish Catholics worry whether homophobic behaviour makes you a homophobe

I remember my mother’s irritation when my aunt converted to Catholicism on the death of her husband. She claimed that Catholicism is for those who want others to do their thinking, as opposed to Protestantism, which she reckoned requires you to square your acts with your own conscience, not somebody else’s idea of what’s right or wrong. However simplistic and bigoted this view may be, it has to be said that there are always fully-fledged jerks in expensive robes who seem determined to prove her right. Step forward the Irish bishops. For any one you unfamiliar with that particular variant of Christianity known as Roman Catholicism, it involves – over and above depicting as white a man who, if he actually existed, certainly wasn’t – lots of little demigods called “saints”; women considered as second-class citizens, some of whom dress in burqas (called “nuns”); a personality cult around a theocrat … Continue reading

Healing Fractures With Homeopathy – Homeopathy Houston

A brief, but intense, dose of near-terminal delusion emanating from a part of the Universe calling itself Homeopathy Houston is on the menu for today. This delightful little place is owned by one Karl Robinson, who happens to be a qualified MD (admittedly from woo-ridden private college  Drexel) and doesn’t hesitate to wave it around, presumably with the intention of bamboozling the marks into thinking that what he provides is some form of genuine medical treatment. It’s still fucking useless homeopathy. Here’s the start of Robinson’s crisp summing up of how homeopaths sell their magic-disguised-as-medicine: Homeopathy Does Not Treat Diseases As strange as it might sound, the homeopath does not treat diseases per se. He or she treats the individual who happens to have x, y, or z pathology. A homeopath does not limit his treatment to any one area of the body by concentrating his therapy on, say, arthritis … Continue reading

Lynne McTaggart: “It’s only natural” – like in bitter almond kernels?

Earlier this month, professional bullshit artist Lynne McTaggart published another of her ill-constructed rants on her blog, with the title It’s only natural – like in oranges. Yeah, lady, lots of things are natural. Mercury and arsenic are natural. Smallpox was natural. Dying is natural. The post.  It’s punting a thing called GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor – as the name suggests, it’s made from blood) and, of course, the appalling Saatchi Bill, now defunct. All sorts of major health claims have been made for GcMAF, principally by quacks and dodgy online pharmacies, which explains why the Blessed McTaggart and her pointless rag WDDTY are all for it. Idle speculation among the Teapot household resulted in the conclusion that if ever one of McTaggart’s fave “alternative” remedies were ever to become part of real medicine, she would drop it like the proverbial hot brick. Anyway, to set the scene, … Continue reading

Roslyn Ross Defends Homeopathy. ORLY?

Our ever-reliable Baggie has posted the following exercise in mendacity: Roslyn Ross Vermont Girls High School Defends Homeopathy Against one of its Skeptics Um… There’s a girls’ high school in Vermont called “Roslyn Ross”? Or is that a Total Punctuation Fail (deliberate or otherwise) and it’s a pro-homeopathy nut called Roslyn Ross allegedly claiming an unnamed Vermont school published a piece of pro homeopathy stupidity? There’s no link to the original, so no way to tell where SAHC got it from. Well, I found Roslyn Ross, who lives in Australia and is indeed an extreme homeopathy loon. Nothing in her rantings about any schools promoting homeopathy, though. Odd, that. OK, let’s get on with the show. Sandra Roslyn lists major problems with homeodumbfuckery and then purports to debunk them. Without, of course, producing the slightest evidence. You said: Many other alternative remedies are nothing more than a placebo — having … Continue reading

Homeopathy never changes

We all know that, essentially, homeopathy never changes and nor do its adepts. To introduce any change would be to admit that the whole concept of homeopathy is bollocks and Hahnemann the Great Guru was a gibbering nutter. Except of course that they do muck around with it – introducing such un-Hahnemannic concepts as nosodes – while all the time strenuously denying this is at odds with their core belief. It’s still fucking sugar and water of course, with maybe some alcohol in it. Including in the remedies for children, which gives you an idea of how responsible and ethical these bastards are. So: I found this cackling lunacy on Freedom4Health‘s public Facebook page: I reckon it scores a full 100 on the WTFometer. Seriously, it takes a special kind of Dribbling Stupid to be proud that your favourite fuckwittery has never, ever changed, in spite of all the alleged … Continue reading

TFP Student Brainwashing: 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed

The Irish are having a referendum on same-sex marriage in May and, predictably, the International Church of Bigotry (mostly RC, but they’re not alone) has descended on the poor country to bring all its weight to bear on the locals. The same thing happened in France, where it simply wasn’t statistically possible for every single demonstrator in the infamous ultra-rightwing Manif Pour Tous parades to be French, even though they brought the weans along to act as human shields when trying to force their way through police cordons. There’s a MPT cellule in Ireland, though I suspect it’s tiny, and they tweet some very nasty links. Such as to this lot, TFP Student Action, a Catholic extremist hate group flourishing mostly in the Americas. Now, some time back I ripped apart the petulance, misinformation and outright lies of “Dr” Peter Saunders and his 10 reasons not to legalise same-sex marriage. … Continue reading

If ever you thought “alt med” fans cared about suffering…

We’ve already touched on the so-called “alt med” community’s attitude to evidence, viz.: “We don’t need it and anyway: quantum. Or nano. Therefore homeopathy.”  Now admire this little gem of caring and selfless dedication just Twatted by our old fiend, Sandra Hermann-Courtney, whose handle should really be BrownBagPantsonfire: #Stupid stuff #homeopathy skeptics tweet Think this cancer patient cared about "evidence" ? http://t.co/orUYdG1R2c pic.twitter.com/uFhoNz5a97 — Sandra Courtney (@BrownBagPantry) March 16, 2015 Just in case that tweet ever gets deleted, here’s a screenshot: While you’re reeling from the sheer callous viciousness of that, bear in mind it’s not an exceptionally fuckwitted Twat from the homeopathic troll community; it’s a bog-standard one. By the way, the link in that Tweet is to the dreaded Banerji fraud-and-manslaughter centre in India. Talking of whom, any sceptics resident in India might want to report their misleading claims to The Advertising Standards Council Of India. Just sayin’. … Continue reading

Video of the day: Attention all non-vaccinating parents

Jimmy Kimmel has a weird accent. I can barely make out what he’s saying. However, the message from these medical professionals to non-vaccinating parents is crystal clear. I have seen people calling this “hate speech”, accusing the doctors of being “ignorant” and generally dismissing the whole thing. You might like to ask these people what their scientific qualifications are, what they’re selling and how they explain the eradication of smallpox or the fact that polio is on its way to extinction, and why the fuck they dare claim that deliberately exposing children to potentially lethal diseases is a sane thing to do.