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Nov 192011

Women's panties or knickers

Ed Rybicki fancies himself as a writer of fiction. Unfortunately for all of us, he’s fucking terrible at it. Really, really appallingly sloppy. He farted up a minor storm recently for writing a blog post entitled Womanspace. It is a dire exercise in blinkered white-male-privilege and downright fucking stupidity. No, but seriously? Go shopping for someone else and not ask where they want you to buy the stuff? I had intended to do a satire, but frankly, it’s too badly written and obnoxious to parody without being sexist/racist/xenophobic and therefore not funny. It didn’t even work with robots or guardian angels and, in any case, the guardian angel I asked to narrate the story handed in its notice after five minutes, saying it didn’t “want to manifest on this planet anymore”.

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